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17 September in Fan Engagement

Don’t Underestimate the Element of Surprise

The element of surprise keeps us on our toes, and speaking of the element of surprise, last week was an epic week for the unexpected and the astonishing with Sir Paul McCartney pulling off a secret show in Grand Central Station and Eminem dropping a surprise album. And fans can’t get enough. Read more…

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31 August in Fan Engagement

#1 Fans

Without fans, a band could put on a show, but no one would be there to hear them play. Without fans, a baseball team could play their biggest rival, but the win wouldn’t be the same without a stadium full of their ravenous fans. Read more…

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21 August in Fan Engagement

How a Blue Water Bottle Lit Up a Fan Community

Time and time again, we’ve seen fans respond to access, and access in this case meant an exclusive fan reward in the form of a blue water bottle… Read more.

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15 August in Sweet News

Sweet Featured on MarTech Today

Over the Summer, Sweet CEO, Tom Mizzone had the opportunity to sit down with Barry Levine of Martech Today. Read more…

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13 August in App Updates

You’re Going To Love Surveys

Fans can earn Sugar in all sorts of ways – there are hundreds of actions available on the Sweet Social Loyalty Platform, but SURVEYS- we’ve been chomping at the bit to roll out Surveys. Read more…

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30 July in Fan Engagement

Fans Are Sweet

Contests and giveaways on Instagram, hashtags on Twitter, promoting posts on Facebook, etc. – there are reasons why brands use these social tools so often… Read more.

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24 July in Fan Engagement

Experiences Ignite Fan Engagement

The competition is fierce. Everything out there is competing for your fans – their time, their attention, their money, their ears, eyes, heart and soul. And you would love them to listen, watch, buy or just like a post or make a comment. Read more…

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15 June in Sweet News

Token Revolutionizing Loyalty

Sugar has been redefining what fan loyalty is all about. Brands, bands, artists and influencers have been rewarding their fans with Sugar for the micro actions they take everyday… Read more.

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11 June in Sweet News

Crypto Expert Max Keiser Joins Sweet

New York, NY (June 12, 2018) – Sweet (sweet.io), a fan based community and loyalty rewards marketplace which has a growing list of artists and brands as partners, most recently the Black Eyed Peas, has appointed Max Keiser, a prominent leader in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, as its economic advisor.

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28 May in Brand Additions

Welcome Black Eyed Peas

In conjunction with the release of new single “Ring The Alarm”, the Black Eyed Peas have announced the launch of their new website in partnership with Sweet, where fans can earn a digital token called Sugar, for performing meaningful social and user actions on behalf of the Peas. Read more…

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