Introducing Sugar TM

By combining a Social Loyalty Platform with a Digital Token

Introducing Sugar TM – Fan Loyalty Reimagined

January 15, 2018

After almost two years of development, Sweet is live, and is the first marketplace where artists, talent, sports teams and brands can recognize and reward fans with a digital reward token (Sugar) for performing meaningful social and user actions. Fans can redeem their Sugar for one-of-a-kind rewards creatively provided by the artists, talent, and brands on the platform. Recognizing fans with Sugar for their micro social contributions creates an exciting new level of fan engagement, and the Sugar token enables a normalized value accepted in a unified rewards marketplace for fans.

How is Sugar different?
With a sea of tokens launching via Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) before even a business exists, Sweet has taken an approach which in 2017 was contrarian, but now is becoming the way of the future. At Sweet, we spent the time to conceive, develop and launch the Sweet Social Loyalty Platform as our first step. We see the Sugar token foremost about the utility it provides in supporting, enabling, and transforming the business and the economy for brands and fans, and not as a project built with its foundational step to support an ICO.

Sugar is unique in that it is one of the first digital tokens that can truly be touched and used by everyday users in a transformative way, which very few tokens have achieved to-date. Today Sugar is transacting between artists, brands and their fans with more participants joining the economy every day. We also believe in open markets and are working to connect the Sugar token with a public blockchain as we describe in the White Paper available at

Where can I get Sugar?
Sweet is live with brands awarding Sugar to fans for social and other actions, and fans and users redeeming Sugar for rewards. Already today there are over one-hundred different combinations of Sugar-earning actions fans can perform to create engagement. If you are an artist, talent, icon, performer, sports team or brand and want to connect with your fans and users in a new, personal and engaging way, reach out to our artist and brand team. We have a large pool of Sugar allocated for brands to get started and use to recognize fans and users for their social impact.

If you are a fan or user, you can join directly on the website of your favorite artists and brands using Sweet. If you know of an artist, talent or brand not yet awarding Sugar to fans, reach out and ask them to join the social loyalty revolution and recognize their passionate fans with Sugar. Alternatively, you can register for a Sweet Wallet from Sweet (and yes, get your first Sugar tokens now) and start earning and redeeming Sugar with your favorite artists and brands on the Sweet Platform. We will send exciting notifications of new artists and brands activating on the platform straight to your Sweet Wallet, so be sure to login regularly for new updates and announcements.

What can I do with Sugar?
Today users and fans can redeem Sugar for exciting rewards and experiences provided by the artists, talent and brands on their websites or in a unified reward marketplace. Rewards are often uniquely personal experiences, not offered elsewhere, and not typical services such as shout-outs, meet and greets, Skype sessions and other personalized items provided by your favorite artists, talent and brands.

Our mission.
We are honored and excited to be working with amazing artists, talent, brands and their passionate fans. Our mission is having an impact on real people and their daily lives and in a meaningful and transformative way. Fans of popular culture, arts, sports and brands are passionate about their favorite artists, performers, and icons. As our world gets more and more connected, the relationship between fans and the artists, teams and brands that they love has become even more ever-present and visceral. A connection between the two can happen at any time and anywhere, -a thought, a tweet, a post, or a share. Viral user communities have fueled new performers to unprecedented heights never previously attainable without the impact of social promotion. User-generated content and social actions and streaming services have created billions of dollars’ worth of value for artists and brands. Yet, despite all of this, few brands have the resources or tools to reward or acknowledge fans for their contributions particularly at the individual level. We see the intent with brands all the time as so many recognize their fans with a universal “thanks to my fans” when stepping up to accept an award or trophy. The Sweet platform is built using the Sugar token to transform loyalty and create meaningful experiences. A loyalty platform where, for the first time, fans can be recognized not just “at the podium”, but for each action or social contribution they are making on behalf of the artists, talent and brands they love. In turn, this opens up an exciting marketplace of rewards for users and fans.

Why Sugar?
There are several important benefits of using the Sugar token, a fixed supply digital token, rather than points or currency. The Sugar token can be divided into infinite smaller parts which enables recognition at the smallest level such as an individual like or post. Furthermore, Sugar can be aggregated and facilitates normalized value and usage across brands in a unified marketplace of rewards. Moving away from siloed points programs to a platform where brands are open to receiving Sugar broadly means a broader rewards pool and ultimately increased and long-lasting engagement of all users. Users can access rewards from their favorite artist and brands as well as the unified rewards marketplace which is dynamic. Also, Sugar can be combined with a public blockchain which means it is not limited to just Sweet’s platform. This is crucial, as one of our core philosophies is open markets. To transform loyalty and rewards we recognize the immense size of the fan brand community and can’t do it alone. Sugar on a public blockchain opens up a world of features and functionality for brands and fans that can be provided not just by Sweet but by others. We have posted a White Paper on the Sugar site which provides more details on Sugar, its benefits, and the timing of Sugar and blockchain.

Learn more about the Sweet Platform and the Sugar at and  Already have a Sweet account? Welcome aboard and have fun!

Tom Mizzone, CEO Sweet

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